Friday, August 17, 2007

Wizard World Chicago: Good and Bad

This years Wizard World Chicago was really amazing, I totally spent every last cent I made, but I kind of knew that was going to happen so I’m not too heart broken over it. I only got about an hour and half total time to walk around and check things out. I always make a bee line right for Artists Alley. I was both pleasantly surprised and disappointed at the same time by the turn out this year.

Good things I found in Artists Alley:
1. Alberto Ruiz- I always try and get to his table on preview night or first thing Friday so I can get any new book he has out. Grabbed both of his new books, Although one was a duplicate of two books I already owned, I don’t feel bad now because I have loved and ref’ed the originals to pieces. Alberto's Books

2. Tiki, T-Dawg and Whatnot the art of Tracy Mark Lee- I sent my friend back to pick up this one, and was lucky enough to snag the last copy they had. I have been a huge fan of his work now for a few years. When I first started to get in to sculpting I went to Electric Tiki for inspiration. His art is fantastic and my only regret was he wasn’t there so I could say so inperson. Check out this stuff. I SWEAR Quinne from the Suicide Girls is in there.

3. Kano Art of the Hustle- I didn’t get a copy of it while I was there because it was SOLD OUT! But, I know where to find it and with next weeks paycheck that baby will be MINE. It was also awesome to open it up and see some vynals that ArtHammmer worked on. He is a really awesome guy who has helped me with tips and tricks at every turn. You Tease me Kano....

4. Sketch Tavern- Tim, Dan, Mike, Ian, Hen and the lot. I love these guys, and I always have. They are among the most active artists I know of! And really nice guys, I was a few rows from them last year and the guys made time to come over, say Hi and check out my work. This year I was able to deliver Samhain.

5. Khary and Greg- OLD pals from the led before time. *har har* Every year I run in to these guys they leave me collecting my jaw off the floor. I wasn’t able to snag Khary’s black book from this year. But I will be ordering that with kano’s book. And Greg Titus holy crap, the man is amazing.

Bad Things:

1. Seriouse lack of good art- I blame that on the fact that SDCC was just two weeks before anyone who busted their wallet to get there, couldn’t make it to Chicago.

2. Missed Mike Kunkle- Self explanatory… I didn’t even know he was going to be there till it was all over.

3. Pinup count down- Well the curvy ones at least, a major influx of smash up bash up, but a total lack of good curvy art, a few of the mainstays made it, but I’m always hoping for a Leigh Young or even some rockabilly influx. No luck.

4. Pole WTF?- For what ever reason Khary and Greg ended up behind a POLE in artists alley. I missed them twice because of the damn thing! I wouldn’t have found them at all if I hadn’t gotten lost.

5. Chamba, Skottie and the others I missed- I ran in to kweli on the way out the door and missed Chamba. Saw Skottie for like half a second when I was schlepping in Oblong work. I really need to make it out to the after show bar and chill out with the guys its been forever.

6. Suicide Girls- I was SO excited to see them and hoped to grab an art book. But they only had art on playing cards, which I would have lost. The girls there were almost scary thin and most looked like they needed two shots of coffee and an infusion of personality. I know they are probibly exhausted but for as huge of a booth as they had. I wished they had brought some pinache. (sp)

But all in all it was good times.

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