Friday, August 17, 2007

Girls Girls Girls

Girls, Girls, Girls!

This was the blog post I was supposed to make today, but I got side tracked with Wizard World round up. I wasn’t able to show this year due to lack of any new work and or time to put together anything impressive (I barley found both socks to put on). I have had an idea rolling around in my head for the last few months on what new direction I wanted to go.

A few weeks ago while watching the road to eldorado I made my decision. My focus for the next year is the curvy pinup. I know what your saying, isn’t there enough pinups in the world? No! I’m not talking the Catlin Fairchild’s (Gen 13) with the size DD chest and size 2 hips. I’m talking about the ample round mama’s that we all know growing up. Maybe she was the girl next door who woke up one day with hips, or the hottie at the bowling alley with her retro looks.

I can say that as far as art goes Leigh Young is probably the one whos art slapped me upside the head the most. To the point I traded one of my first and most beloved sculpts for an original art design (Rosie Shape Strong’s mascot) her Des Nudia still makes me swoon.

The most fun I have had working on a sculpt was doing the curves on “Frankie”. Recently I revisited my love of curves when I stumbled across Arthur De Pins and his short hippy women. Inspired by fat little feet I created the Venus De’ Shapestrong.

I am very excited to start work on this series! I have already contacted some of my favorite artists and have gotten really optimistic responses over it! So I’m looking forward to it!

If you know of any other good inspirations please drop me a link, I’m always looking for great work!

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T-dog said...

I love this piece! Very cute!